Let’s Visit the Cities of Batik

Batik becomes a part of people’s cultural heredity of Indonesia. This Indonesian craft has a

very artistic value. From many years, Javanese women used their skills for a living. In Java,

some regions put their identity in batik motif. A motive indicates to the identity of a family

and the status of a person. Some regions in Java have been known as the cities of Batik.


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1. Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a popular city with beautiful designs of batik. The batik painting can be found

along Malioboro street, Beringharjo market and some galleries in the town. Batik Grompol is

one of the famous designs. This pattern is often used in the wedding or traditional

ceremony. Most batik colors in Yogyakarta are brown, white and indigo.

2. Pekalongan

Pekalongan is known as a Batik city. The batik is not actually the traditional and has high

value of philosophy like the batik from Javanese Kingdom. However, Pekalongan provides

the low price batik and have the good quality of batik. In the first time you visit the city, you

will surely buy batik from there as the souvenir to be brought home. Pekalongan has many

shopping attractions and interesting places to visit especially for you the batik fans.

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jonegoroan-terancam- gulung-tikar.html)

3. Solo

This city is located 60 kilometers in the east of Yogyakarta. This old city is also known as

Surakarta and batik has one of the best markets in Java: Klewer Market. Batik in Solo is

known mostly in cream and brown, with a touch of golden yellow. You can easily find Solo

batik from its typical design and motifs. Solo batik typically has a design and motifs. Batik

from Solo is rich with flowers and birds. Its famous style is Solo Night. This style is brightly

colored batik with black cloth. Besides buying the batik cloth, you can also learn how to

make batik in many art galleries throughout this city.

4. Cirebon

Cirebon is known with Kencana Batik. This batik is made on the best fabrics and usually

colored purple. Cirebon has many ethnic Chinese populations. So, Chinese culture also

affects its motif, such as the tiger, dragon, elephants, and lions. Uniquely, in Cirebon the

women are not drawing wax batik before given. Cirebon batik is motif like Chinese

paintings. You can easily find clouds and mountain rocks.

5. Madura

Batik in Madura is mostly affected with a touch of Chinese art. It also has distinctive

character or bird floral. Most of them are colored with red, brownish red or indigo colors

depicting a winged dragon motif, horse flies, and other animals. This peculiar batik

ornament is taken from marine animals, as a reflection of the work of fishermen. It is one of

the major professions in Madura. In addition to China’s influence, you can also see the

influence of Mataram kingdom that once ruled Madura in Madura batik.

Those famous cities have shown us how rich Indonesian batik is. Let’s visit them and you will

be amazed with the beauty of this heritage!

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